Put your IT security to the test

Start your free security self-check to see possible security vulnerabilities and risk potentials in your company.

The security self-check is made available to you by Telekom Deutschland GmbH. It is tailored and run by techconsult, a research and analyst company (a Heise group company). The development was supported by competent partners, such as the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the IT Security Association Germany TeleTrusT and Germany's digital association Bitkom.

You can carry out the test anonymously or with registration. In case of registration, you benefit from being able to change and/or correct answers already given at any time. The survey parts are then stored temporarily and you can access them at any time, for example, if you would like to coordinate with other employees in your company.

We protect your data

We know: Security is a particularly sensitive issue. This is why we do not only comply with all legal data protection regulations, but also implement all technically reasonable measures to protect your personal and survey data. For example, we separate personal, company and survey data in different databases or store links and survey data temporarily only until you have closed the survey page of the security self-check.


If you participate anonymously, all information entered will be deleted when leaving the page and will no longer be available.