Put your business processes to the test

The Digitalization Check allows you to get an accurate picture of the quality and digitalization of your standard business processes and compare them to the results of a representative survey filtered by industry and company size. By that, you learn how competitive your company is and also:
  • how well your business processes are implemented,
  • which digital maturity your company has reached,
  • which digital skills are still missing,
  • whether IT sufficiently supports the company's business processes and whether it can handle business changes,
  • and why you are ahead of the competition or what you need to get it back.
This free online self-check will ask you industry-specific multiple-choice questions about your business situation. You don't need KPIs or in-depth company figures. The self-check is suitable for managing directors, finance directors, department heads or senior staff alike.

We protect your data!

We know: security is a particular sensible topic. Therefore, we not only comply with all legal data protection regulations but implement all technically meaningful measures to protect your personal and survey data. For example, we separate person, company and survey data in different databases or storing links and survey data only until you close the survey page of the digitalization check.

You can do the digitalization check completely anonymously. If you register to use the Self-Check Portal, you can safely delete all your data with one click.

Your registration benefits

  • Storing of current survey sections, for example, if you want to coordinate with other employees.
  • Correction of already completed sections.
  • Your personal self-check results as PDF.


If you participate anonymously, all information entered will be deleted when leaving the page and will no longer be available.