Digital Maturity Self-Check

The following survey will provide you with a comprehensive tool to review your business processes and digitalization status and also to compare you with companies in your industry and company size.

If you are registered, you can interrupt the survey at any time and resume it at a later date. Your previous entries will be saved in this case.

You are in the Digital Maturity Check for the Retail industry.
You have registered incorrectly? Then here are the checks for Manufacturing and Service companies.

  • It is advisable to consult the departments for answering the questions.
  • If an aspect has no relevance for you, then please select „n.a.“ (no answer). These answers will not taken into account in the calculation of the benchmark.
Classification of the company 5 Min.
Finances / Controlling & Human Resources 10-15 Min.
Procurement & Logistics 10-15 Min.
Sales & Marketing 10-15 Min.
Value-added services 5-10 Min.
IT Organization 5-10 Min.


Compare yourself with other companies in your industry. Recognize gaps in the implementation of your business processes based on your individual evaluation.